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Eligibility : 10th Pass/Fail
12th Pass / Fail
Duration : 1 year
Age : 17 & above
Job Gaurantee : 100%

Company Secretary
With the increasing importance of Corporate Governance, the role of a company secretary has become even more prominent over the past couple of years. Any company/organization that has a paid-up capital that exceeds Rs. 50 lakhs requires a company secretary to administer legal matters of that company. This norm has been laid down by the Companies Act.

A company secretary is one of the main officers on the board members of any company. In order to pursue a career in this field, there are certain aspects that aspiring company secretaries should be aware of. Few such aspects include- the eligibility conditions or who can pursue a career in this field, the types of company secretary courses offered, institutes extending these academic programs, admission procedure, time of entrance examination and finally the job prospects. Information about these important aspects has been dealt with in this write up. Read on to know more about each.

Office Accountant
Accountancy is a subject that is beneficial for managers in corporate houses and tax professionals as it helps them to get a clear picture of the financial position of the firm and the various ways in which resource allocation can be done for the companies. With the advent of the computers in this field, accountancy has indeed become more organized and less cumbersome. Accounting can now be done faster and without maintaining huge account log books and balance sheets. With the passage of time, accounting courses in India have gone through some major improvement and have included within them topics like business ethics, fraud prevention and investor relations aside from the usual ones like asset valuation and business mathematics.

Streams / Branches: The streams of accounting courses have been listed below:
- Financial Accounting
- Business Accounting
- Corporate Accounting


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