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GTI offers innovative programs, non-traditional didactic methodologies which is self-directed, oriented to action projects, and focused on everyone finding and mastering a field. All of these features stand in sharp contrast to programs which offers a single content taught to all students through presentations and tested for right answers.

Primarily, however, GTI believes that many other benefits will emerge as we describe or begin with the process of revolutionizing higher education.

Our unique programs will...
Open certificated higher education to a very large new audience.
Offer creative programs which will enable participants to focus, manage and develop their abilities in a field of their choice.
Provide a teaching opportunity for faculty, committed to empowering students with the skills, environment and experience they need to engage in a lifetime of learning and achievement.
Attract grants and other development money from governments, businesses and private supporters.
Become a model that other institutions may want to investigate and emulate.
Accept educational credits for comparable courses completed at other accredited colleges and allow advance standing to students who can provide documentary evidence or exemptions with testing or proof of proficiency.
Allow advance standing for community service, volunteer work or lifetime achievement experiences.
Fully democratize what has been a very selective education process.
The Goals & Objectives of BSS GLOBAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE is to provide training in such a way that students can become employable in the shortest period of time, then return to school and continue on for higher diploma or degree, while still working. Students would be encouraged to take some of the courses on-line, do on-the-job training, internship and lab work at convenient times and locations.

GTI is an organization, incorporated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA. It is dedicated to serving the community, volunteer work, as well as providing knowledge, learning experience and improving the social, cultural & economic wellbeing of its students.

BSS GLOBAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, is making higher education accessible and affordable. GTI plans to provide special academic & financial help to:
1. Minorities
2. Foreign qualified professionals
3. Recent immigrants
4. Citizens with disabilities
5. Senior Citizens
6. Adults – for second or third career
7. Women
8. Youth
9. Others – who have the passion for higher or continuing education
10. And especially for those who feel that higher education is too expensive, too cumbersome, too long or too difficult for them.

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The Philosophy of the Global Technical Institute is to establish a center for personal & professional achievement, enabling adults & youth, to pursue their personal interests and achieve a level of competence, worthy of certification at the end of participation in one of our programs.

We believe that Higher Education is essential to the economic recovery and long-term growth. Education is a catalyst for industrial innovation and it strengthens the ability to compete globally.
The Mission of the Global Technical Institute is to provide advance training or the best educational opportunities, at low cost, to all who wish to pursue higher education, including those who have been left behind when they were screened out in the competition for higher education.
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